Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Buxar confirmed the decisions of Plassey"

    V A Smith, a historian and an indologist, in his writings tells us that the Buxar war completed the work of Plassey. Lets analyse the facts which led him to conclude this way.

The battle of Plassey: 
    The name Plassey is angliced version of Palashi, a place situated on the bank of Bagirathi. In this place in 1757, war between the British and the Nawab of Bengal was happened. First, in 1756, Siraj-ud-daula became Nawab of the Bengal. His relation with the British strained due to their support to the revalary Shaukat Jung who claimed the throne. The previleges conferred to the British were misused by them which led to loss of revenue to the Nawab. The Nawab has prohibited British from fortifying their settlements. Because of these reasons Robert Clive wanted to do away with the Nawab and conspired with Mir Jafar, the commenter-in-chief of the Nawab army. As a result war happened in Plassey. And Mir Jafar became the Nawab.

    But Mir Jafar could not manage the heavy demand for money from the British. Soon he was also ditched by the British and Mir Kasim, the son-in-law of Nawab came to the throne. Mir Kasim was a talented person and he was not acted like puppet of British. He reorganised troops, set up factories to manufacture arms, strengthened financial position and he stopped the company personnel from doing illegal private trade. So the British defeated him and reinstated Mir Jafar to the throne.

The battle of Buxar:

    Mir Kasim got shelter in Oudh. And he conspired with Nawab of Oudh and Mughal Emperor Sha Alam II to defeat the British. In 1764, the battle was fought at Buxar and ultimately the British won. Through this war the Mughal Emperor also was defeated. The British acquired commanding position in north west Bengal and got connection with upper India.

    The battle Plassey was a conspiracy of the British. Through that the British wanted to keep the Nawab as figurehead and the wanted to hold the real power. But the Buxar war proved their military superiority and confirmed the company's rule upon Bengal. And also in 1765, Clive came to a settlement with the Mughal emperor and Nawab of Oudh which is know as reaty of Allahabad. Through that British obtained Diwani rights over Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Thus, Buxar has completed the work of Plassey.

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