Sunday, April 21, 2013

Suggested Readings for Tamil Literature

Some of the books mentioned below are readily available to read on the internet itself and the links are provided for the same. But readers are advised to buy the book.

Tamil mozhi varalaru – Su. Sakthivel (To buy click here)
Mozhi nool – Mu. Varadarasanar (To buy click here)
Mozhi varalaru – Mu. Varadarasanar (To buy click here)
Tamil ilakkiya varalaru – Mu. Varadarasanar (To buy click here)

Tamil ilakkiya varalaru – Thamizannal
Tamil ilakkiya varalaru – Madhu Sa. Vimalanandam (To buy click here)
Oppilakkiya kotpaadu – Ka.Na.Kailasapathy 

Oppiyal Ilakkiyam - Ka. Kailasapathy (To read the book)
Naatupura iyal aaivu – Su.Sakthivel
Ulaga sevviyal mozhigalin varisaiyil tamil – V.C. Kulandaisamy (To buy click here)

To read click here (flash player required)
Valluvar padaikkum vaiyathu sorkkam – V.C. Kulandaisamy (To read click here - flash player required)
Tamil mozhiyum varalarum – Devira  (Go here and read how to buy
Tamil thiranaaivum panpaadum – Devira  (Go here and read how to buy)
Tamizhar valartha azhagu kalaigal – Mayilai seeni Vengadasamy (To buy click here)    Alternate link to buy

Ithazhiyal – Su. Sakthivel (To buy click here)
Tholkappiar kanda samudaayam – Dr. Natesan
Idhazhiyal kalai – Dr. Ma.Pa. Gurusamy (To buy click here)
Ilakkiya Marabu – Mu. Varadarasanar (To buy click here)
Sanga ilakkiyam: ilakkiya valamum vaazhviyal aramum – Dr. R. Chandrasekaran (To buy click here)
Tamilaga naatupuraviyal – Dr. Sargunavathy (To buy click here)
Silappathigara thiranaaivu – Dr. Ma.Po.Sivagnanam (To buy click here)
Silappathigara urai – Gna. Maanickavasagan (To buy click here)
Kurunthogai – Puliyoor Kesikan urai (To buy click here)
Thirukkural – Parimelazhagar urai (To buy click here)
Kumbakaruna vadhai padalam – Dr. Durai Rasaram Urai (To buy click here)
Vanakkam valluva – Erode Tamilanban (To buy click here)
Thiruppavai – C.Subramanian (To buy click here)
Kambar kaatum kumbakarnan – Arunagiri (To buy click here)
Thiruvasagam – A.Sa. Gnanasambandan (To buy click here)
Notes for second paper topics by –Devira, Sarala Rajagopalan (To buy click here)
Mozhi iyal – R. Srinivasan (To buy click here)
Tamil ilakkiya varalaru – C. Balasubramanian (To buy click here)
Tamil ilakkiya varalaru – Muthamizh chelvan (To buy click here)
Puthiya nokkil tamil ilakkiya varalaru – Tamilanban (To buy click here)
Tamilzhar nagarigamum panpaadum – Thatchinamoorthy (To buy click here)
Tamizhar varalarum panpaadum – K.K. Pillai (To read click here)
Tamil kaadhal – V. Subamanickam (To buy click here) (About this book)
Thambiyar iruvar – A.Sa. Gnanasambandan (To read click here)
Silambo silambu – Arasan Santhuvanar (To buy click here) (Alternate book click here)
Silappathigara tamizhagam – Sami Sidhambaranar
 (To buy click here)

To read all books of Dr. V.C.Kulandaisamy for free - Click here (flash player required)
If you are going to buy books from then Go here and read how to buy.

Currently we have searched and got few links, rest of the links will be updated soon!!

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